Effective December 1st, 2013 we have instituted a $2.00 per passenger fee with 100% of money raised going to support two distinct important projects directly related to the sustainability of the southern resident killer whales.

UPDATE: as of December 1st, 2016 the Wild 4 Whales Foundation will be added as a recipient for partial funds derived from the $2.00 W4W Sustainability Fee. Out of demand from Eagle Wing Tours’ clients wanting to donate more to make a difference, the Wild 4 Whales Foundation (local not-for-profit organization) was created by Eagle Wing Tours owners: Brett Soberg & Donald Stewart. It is dedicated to help whales and all marine wildlife as well as ancestral first nations lands found in the Salish Sea surrounding Victoria BC. This is being accomplished through advocacy, education, science and conservation and work with individuals, businesses and other not-for-profits to help us achieve our goals.

Wild 4 Whales Foundation, the Pacific Salmon Foundation and the Salish Sea Marine Survival projectDOWNLOAD PDF for SSMSP

FOOD FOR THE WHALES! The Pacific Salmon Foundation and its U.S. partner Long Live the Kings in Seattle, Washington has designed a program of ecosystem research and habitat restoration intended to increase the production of Chinook, coho and steelhead in the Salish Sea (Strait of Georgia, Strait of Juan de Fuca and Puget Sound). The five-year project will help to improve future fisheries management policy and restore the economic and cultural benefits to communities surrounding the Salish Sea.

The Center for Whale Research, 2013: RESEARCH THE WHALES! Today, our mission remains the same: to conduct benign studies of regional killer whales for the purpose of conserving populations and informing both the government and the public of their ecosystem needs. CWR is a non-profit [IRS 501(c)(3)] corporation registered with the Attorney General in Washington State. CWR funding historically has come from government contracts, other non-profit organizations, and charitable public contributions. Like many organizations these days, CWR is faced with government funding cutbacks. As our funding from government agencies declines each year, we must look to the public for more support. In 2013, we face dramatic reductions in our funding. This change may seriously effect our ability to monitor and protect not only the endangered southern resident killer whales, but all killer whales in this area. We need your support, now more than ever.

1% For the Planet Program

As Victoria’s first whale watching tour operator to become a proud business member of 1% For the Planet, we are asked to contribute one percent of our gross revenues to non-profit groups dedicated to the pursuit of sustainability and environmental protection and since 2012 we have donated in excess of $230,000.

Our 1% contribution is split between:

  • Goldstream Salmon Enhancement Association
  • Pacific Salmon Foundation
  • Sea Change Marine Conservation Society
  • Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (Canada)
  • Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre
  • Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science centre–wild killer whale research
  • Pearson College / Race Rocks Ecological Reserve
  • The Center for Whale Research
  • Saturna Island Marine Research & Education Society
  • Surfrider Foundation

Eagle Wing Tours will continue to support 1% For the Planet and in conjunction with the Wild 4 Whales sustainability fee, we expect to increase our annual contribution based on revenue growth with your support. Thank you!

TOTAL Previous years donations

donated in 2012:———————–> $ 12,000

donated in 2013:———————–> $ 20,000

donated in 2014:———————–> $ 40,000 (was projected to be $30,000)

donated in 2015:———————–> $ 71,000 (was projected to be $65,000)

donated in 2016:———————–> $ 88,000 (was projected to be $80,000)

projected donations for 2017:—–> $ 94,000

TOTAL donations to date

Donated by Eagle Wing Tours:—–> $ 231,000