Eagle Wing tours is a local, family-run company acquired by Brett Soberg and his business partner, Don Stewart, in 2005. Environmental stewardship has always been a core value at Eagle Wing Tours. From day one, the owners have believed that by educating the public about the wildlife of the Salish Sea, we can inspire people to make more environmentally responsible choices in their everyday lives!

Owners Don Stewart and Brett Soberg

We lead by example

Today, Eagle Wing Tours is recognized as an industry leader in conservation, sustainable tourism and consistent quality of product. We see each guest as a VIP—someone who by experiencing and learning about the Salish Sea and its wildlife can advocate for the health of ocean ecosystems, no matter where they live. This commitment is why we’ve enjoyed the #1 position for whale watching in Victoria on Trip Advisor since 2007!

We lead by example. Over the years, we’ve won national and regional awards for our commitment to guest experience and environmental sustainability. We were the first in the industry to join 1% for the Planet, to adopt carbon neutrality, and to implement a per-guest wildlife fee to support regional research and conservation activities.

The oceans need our help

There’s still much to do. Effective conservation measures require solid science, and public awareness and support. That’s why we’re continuing to expand our partnerships with community, education and research organizations dedicated to the common goal of marine conservation. We’ve launched an innovative school program targeting the next generation of ocean stewards. And we’re working with a number of researchers and organizations in the region to assist—and actually do—scientific data collection from our boats.

We invite you to come out on a tour with us. Explore our website. Learn more about our vision to advance marine conservation in the Salish Sea and beyond—and how you can be part of the solution!