Outside of our beautiful harbour is a large body of water called the Juan De Fuca Strait. Not only is this home to some of the most beautiful coastline in the world, the rugged southern tip of Vancouver Island also supports a nutrient filled, cool water environment where an amazingly rich and diverse animal ecosystem thrives.

Victoria, B.C. is globally renowned for consistent orca sightings. This city is perfectly situated directly in the middle of the southern resident killer whales seasonal feeding ground. J, K, & L pod (approximately 80 whales) return each year to cooperatively feed on the abundant salmon that are returning to the rivers to spawn each fall.

We are also witnessing a spectacular revival in humpback and gray whale sightings. Hunted to only 10% of their former numbers by 1960, humpback whales are again returning to this coastal environment to seasonally feed on bait sized fish and abundant plankton.