This is a must if you are in Victoria, BC. Our cruise was 3 hrs, 45 minutes long and we did see 3 different species of whales, Minkes, Orchas & a Humpback. The boat is fast and comfortable and rides the ocean with very little rocking. There are plenty of places to sit or stand and the open deck design allows everyone to have a good view spot topside with places to stand along the side, the bow or the stern and a few spots on the bridge with the captain. The staff is very passionate about their job and can identify the whales by pod and name. Eagle Wing staff are very into the conservation of their local whales.
Our cruise was on Sunday Sept 27th and the air temp was 58 – 61 F and the sun was shining. Even under these great weather conditions it does get very cold on deck when the boat is underway, so bring a jacket and gloves and something to cover your ears if you plan on being outside while underway.
Our cruise started out spotting Minke Whales about 15-20 minutes into the ride out to San Juan Islands. Once we reached the San Juan Islands we hooked up with the K pod of Orcas and spent probably an hour with them. On the way back to Victoria harbor near Discovery Island we ran into a humpback whale and we hung around for another 30 – 40 minutes.

AWESOME Morning!

Other +’s for using Eagle Wings, they are located at the Fisherman’s Wharf which has 4 or 5 places to get something to eat after the cruise pl,us there are some Harbor Seals that hang around and people feed them so you can get some pretty closeup shots of harbor seals.
Enjoy your day whale watching.