LOTS to talk about in Victoria, BC…

The #1 company on Tripadvisor since 2007 has a few NEW items for 2018!

  • A new custom built boat! Wild 4 Whales has a 62-passenger capacity. It’s fast, smooth, has open & covered options and washrooms – this one is fully loaded.
  • We have developed a new not-for-profit foundation: Wild 4 Whales Foundation (live end of January 2018), so your customers can help us preserve, protect and promote the whales and local wildlife.
  • We are developing new citizen science program(s) available on our boats (contributing to research). This pilot project will be tested over the winter in preparation for the spring & summer season 2018.
  • Discounts at Fisherman’s Wharf food vendors! Get exclusive offers when you flash your Eagle Wing Tours boarding pass.
  • Free water bottle refill station at our office. Our branded Eagle Wing Tours reusable water bottles are also available for purchase.
  • Our popular Wine & Whales Tour is available for tour operators.

A world-class experience

Of course your customers will still continue to benefit from all of our many Eagle Wing extras, which in combination with the best team in the industry results in a world class experience on the Salish Sea:

  • free hotel shuttle
  • washrooms on boats
  • hydrophones to hear the whales communicating
  • free use of gloves, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, blankets, jackets and sea-sickness ginger candies
  • state of the art whale watching vessels – the best in the business
  • 100% carbon-neutral whale watching
  • leaders in sustainable whale watching
  • exclusive transportation partnership with Victoria Harbour Ferries
  • a truly unique location – Victoria’s historic Fisherman’s Wharf

Canada’s West Marketplace

Eagle Wing Tours is sponsoring three events this year at Canada’s West Marketplace in Victoria to ensure you maximize your enjoyment while attending CWM Victoria. We are hosting:

  1. Activity Whale Watching Fam Tour on the Monday Nov 13th
  2. Sponsoring the buyers breakfast on the Tuesday Nov 14th
  3. Sponsoring the “signature cocktail” at the Tourism Victoria VIP reception and dinner on the Wednesday evening
  4. We have two appointment schedules this year so we have the opportunity to meet ALL of you in our home town.