We want to thank you!

Thank you for meeting Selena Donker: selena@eaglewingtours.com and Lauren Stewart: lauren@eaglewingtours.com. The world is a large place but the ocean connects us all.

You have exclusive access to this page because you took the time to engage with us at RVC Edmonton, Canada’s premier tourism trade show.

With a heartfelt “thank you” we hope you enjoy the gifts below.

As a quick refresher, we also have a synopsis of who we are, just below the gifts. This includes a glance at our selection of vessels.

1. You have protected a piece of old-growth forest!

Thank you for meeting Lauren and/or Selena at RVC 2024 Edmonton. On your behalf, we have preserved one square metre of old-growth forest! You and Eagle Wing Whale and Wildlife Tours have protected this tract of forest in perpetuity.

We are Canada’s first and Victoria’s 100% third-party verified carbon neutral whale watching company. In partnership with Wilderness International, we invest our carbon offsets toward the preservation of critical old-growth forests on the coast of British Columbia. Old-growth forest is critical habitat for bears, wolves, salmon, bald eagles and so much more.

As of April 2024, Eagle Wing Tours has preserved 74,528 sq metres of old-growth forest in the Toba Valley north of Vancouver, British Columbia!

If you as a company are interested in protecting forest / carbon offsets or nature conservation, please do not hesitate to contact Tobias Hürten (Tobias.huerten@wilderness-international.org, Director Wilderness International Canada) and Marco Lou (Marco.lou@wilderness-international.org, Head of Operations).

Would you like to save more forest?

2. Enjoy some of our Salish Sea photos!

Our professional photographers have captured some spectacular moments that we’re happy to share with you!

View and download some of our whale and wildlife photos. We hope you enjoy these! If you wish to use any of them in your promotions or require high-resolution photos, please let us know!

Download Full Gallery

Four team members sorting through beach garbage

3. Here are a few things you can do in your daily lives to help the ocean:

    •   Shop smart: buy recycled biodegradable products; buy local
    •   Never release balloons into the environment
    •   Support organic farming
    •   Get involved with a marine conservation organization
    •   Volunteer for a shoreline cleanup
    •   Help out at a fish hatchery
    •   Raise your voice: sign petitions; send letters or emails to your government representative
    •   Practice the 5Rs: Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

4. Welcome aboard – FREE tour!

We would love to have the pleasure of your company on board one of our vessels.

Please let us know when you’re coming to Victoria and we’ll host you and a guest on one of our tours, with our compliments!

5. What’s new? Extended Whale & Wildlife Tour (6+ hr tour)

Enjoy an exhilarating adventure as we explore the Salish Sea on our sleek 38-ft, 12-passenger open boat, Serengeti. This extended tour is the most comprehensive marine wildlife experience in Victoria. We’ll be looking for killer whales, humpback whales, seals and sea lions, sea otters, marine birds and much more! Boxed lunch included. Complementary jackets, pants, sunglasses, toques, gloves and sunscreen provided. Yes, there’s an onboard washroom! Guaranteed whales and adventure!

Year-Round Whale Guarantee!

Our whale guarantee is now year-round. If guests do not see whale(s), they come back out for free until they do! This never expires, totally complimentary (no hidden fees), and not on a stand-by basis — we book them in when they would like to go!


How we're different!

We're a company of firsts

  • We’ve been Victoria’s #1 whale watching company on TripAdvisor since 2007.
  • We are the first whale watching tour company in the world to become Biosphere Certified. (2023)
  • We were the first whale watching company in Canada to join 1% for the Planet. (2011)
  • We’re Canada’s first third-party verified, 100% carbon-neutral whale watching company. (2009)
  • We were the first whale watching company in the region to implement a per guest Wildlife Fee to support regional conservation activities. (2013)
  • We were the first to implement a lifetime whale guarantee, with no standby and a free tour until you see whales. (2005)
  • We were the first whale watching company in the region to start sunset tours. It’s a beautiful time to be on the water! (2005)
  • We created the niche market of high-performance, luxury vessels.
  • We were the first whale watching company in the region to offer 3.5+ hour tours. We continue to extend tours and literally go the extra mile as needed to give our guests the experience of a lifetime. (2005)
  • We’re the first whale watching company in Canada to be certified “Platinum” with GreenStep Sustainable Tourism.
  • We’re certified Green (the highest ranking) by the Vancouver Island Green Business Collective. We’re also Surfrider Approved” as an ocean-friendly business.
  • We’re the first and only whale watching company in Canada to create an award-winning “floating classroom” marine education program for schoolchildren. We strongly believe educating the next generation is essential to ocean conservation. (2018)
  • We’re the first and only whale watching company in the region to partner with Seafood Watch and Ocean Wise to empower consumers to choose sustainable seafood options.
  • We’re the first whale watching company in the region to integrate the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals throughout our operations. No other whale watching company in the region has made this level of environmental commitment. (2020)

We are a conservation company that happens to do whale watching

We are much, much more than a whale watching company. Everything we do revolves around raising environmental awareness. We inspire people to be more aware of their own footprint, make more sustainable choices, and become advocates for the marine environment—no matter where they live.

Our four “pillars” define that core environmental mission:

  1. ConservationIt’s at the heart of everything we do. Through responsible wildlife viewing and innovative community partnerships, our overarching goal is to restore and protect marine ecosystems in the Salish Sea and beyond.
  2. Sustainability – We think and act green. Sustainability is in our DNA. We strive to eliminate our environmental footprint. We’re ready to embrace the new vision of regenerative tourism.
  3. Research – Science brings conservation solutions. We cultivate and support community-based research partnerships. We actively conduct and enable research on board our vessels as part of our enhanced guest experience.
  4. Education – Building awareness on and off the water is essential to ocean conservation. We inspire and empower through the guest experience, our “floating classroom” education program, community outreach, and social media.

We welcome guests of all abilities

We believe there should be no barriers to experiencing the sights, sounds and scents of the Salish Sea. Our tours are accessible to everyone, of every ability, age and background. Learn more about our accessibility features.

We're multiple award-winners

We’re really good at what we do. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the national, regional and local awards and honours we’ve collected over the years:

  • Top Sustainable Tourism Business in Canada Award—3 times!—from the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (2014, 2016, 2022)
  • One of the top three Tourism Traveller Experiences in Canada awarded by Tourism Industry Association of Canada
  • 2013 Sustainable Tourism Business Award from Tourism Vancouver Island
  • 2019 EcoStar Award for Ecological Stewardship (Business): Commends a business that is actively working to restore or protect natural ecosystems. Awards hosted by Synergy Enterprises
    • Other notable awards – 2016 – Experiential Tourism & 2013 Environmental Leadership from Synergy Enterprises
  • 2022 Partnership Award: For “making a substantial difference in the lives of students in BC public schools” through our “Exploring the Salish Sea” education program. From the BC Principals’ & Vice Principals’ Association
  • 2022 Marine Education Award — Outstanding Organization for outstanding work and leadership in any aspect of marine education at the local, regional or national level.” From the National Marine Educators Association (NMEA). See our blog for more information on this international award!

Our vessels

We’re proud of our range of high-performance vessels. They’re perfect for all ages!

4 Ever Wild is our “limousine.” She’s our flagship and the most luxurious in our fleet. This 57-ft. catamaran has a fully enclosed, heated indoor cabin with comfortable seats for everyone. With walk-around, 360-degree viewing on the outer decks, guests won’t miss a thing!

Serengeti and Goldwing are our two exhilarating scarab-style speed boats; they are like convertibles. They’re smooth and comfortable! The open scarabs provide a safe and exciting marine adventure suitable for the young and the young at heart!

Wildcat 4 is the newest addition to our fleet. This 48-ft. open-air catamaran seats up to 40 people and allows room to move around and take photos at wildlife stops.  Enjoy the exhilarating ride as it whisks you around the southern Salish Sea to see the spectacular wildlife and scenery.

Wild 4 Whales is a vessel specially designed for whale watching. This 60-ft. catamaran combines the comfort of 4 Ever Wild with some elements of the open boats. And she’s a little faster than 4 Ever Wild. The semi-enclosed cabin is all-glass, so even when sitting inside guests get great views all around!

All of our vessels feature onboard restrooms. With each vessel style, we can provide you with complimentary jackets, blankets, sunglasses, toques, gloves and sunscreen. Many extras