We Want to Thank You

The world is a large place but the oceans connect us all.

You have exclusive access to this page because you took the time to meet Eagle Wing Tours at ITB Berlin, the world’s largest international tourism trade show.

With a heartfelt “Thank you”, we hope you enjoy these three gifts:

1. Old-Growth Forest

Claim your very own piece of British Columbia coastal forest & protect it for life!

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Step 2. Click the button below and use the unique code on our business card to claim your 4 square meters of old-growth forest.

Wilderness International is our partner in preserving critical old-growth forests on the coast of British Columbia, Canada. This is critical habitat for bears, wolves, salmon, bald eagles and so much more.

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2. Best Wildlife Photos of 2019

Our Naturalist Photographers have captured some spectacular moments that we would love to share with you.

View and download our best whale and wildlife photos of 2019 in high resolution.

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