Orca Exhibit…

Visit the Royal British Columbia Museum’s new feature exhibition, dive deep into the stories and science that surround magnificent killer whales, or orcas, spirits of BC’s wild coast and apex predators of the ocean.

Follow the currents of ecological activism, popular culture and Indigenous beliefs to gain a new appreciation of these sophisticated animals, long feared in Western cultures as “killer whales.” Discover the complex social structure of orca society and reflect on the surprising consequences of captivity.

Dive in to learn which killer whale populations are thriving and which are at risk. Resurface with a new understanding of how orcas and humans are inextricably connected: we’re all part of nature, not apart from nature.

A world class exhibition not to be missed!

Whale and wildlife watching…

With Eagle Wing Tours, join an amazing 3+ hour whale watching tour! Stunning scenery provides the backdrop for viewing majestic whales in the wild, with possible sightings including killer whales, humpback whales, minke whales, grey whales and porpoises! Travel on one of our luxurious scarab-designed speedboats or luxury covered catamarans, which provide the optimum range to seek wildlife. On your return, enjoy the scenic mountains reflecting on the Salish Sea.  (November 1–March 31, 2022)

This tour includes:

  • Admission to the BC Museum, including “Orcas: Our Shared Future” (about 2-4 hours).
  • Whale and wildlife watching tour (3+ hours).


  • Eagle Wing Tours customer service representatives MUST pre-book both the reservations on your behalf for whale watching and the museum due to COVID-19 protocol.
  • Passes to “Orcas: Our Shared Future” and whale watching tour departures, subject to availability.
  • Cancellations may occur due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Whale watching tour gratuity not included.

Taxes, wildlife fee, museum admission and whale watching for one adult included in $152.95, November 1–March 31, 2022 Pricing for seniors, students with ID, youth and children will be a different package cost. Our Eagle Wing Tours customer service representatives can assist with providing a more accurate total cost for more than one adult.

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