Wild 4 Whales

Wild 4 Whales

Perfect for all ages, build unforgettable memories together! The largest vessel in the fleet, Wild 4 Whales has plenty of indoor and open-air seating. Though the vessel is large it still moves fast! You’re welcome to move around the vessel during the tour, there is enough seating for everyone both inside and out.

Are you ready for an adventure?

(Wild 4 Whales is not in service for 2020 summer season at this point)

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Wild 4 Whales Details


  • Hull Type: Catamaran Custom built
  • Capacity: 63 people (not in service for 2020)
  • Speed: 27+ knots
  • Engines: 1450 HP Volvo Diesel
  • Length: 60' long (18m)


  • Seating inside & outside (100+ seats for 63 pax.)
  • Extras: Hats, gloves, sunscreen, binoculars, blankets
  • 2 washrooms / toilets
  • Beverages & snacks available (donation)
  • Viewing: 360 degree wildlife viewing (5 areas)
  • underwater microphone: listen to the whales