4 Ever Wild

4 Ever Wild

The beautiful 4 Ever Wild vessel offers 360-viewing with plenty of deck space to enjoy wildlife from all angles. Great for family adventures with passengers of all ages. In summer 2021 we’ll be encouraging you to spend most of your time on the outer deck in the refreshing Salish Sea air, so dress warmly.

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4 Ever Wild Details


  • Hull Type: Catamaran
  • Capacity: 50 People (reduced capacity during COVID-19)
  • Speed: 26+ Knots
  • Engines: 435HP Volvo Marine Diesel = 870HP
  • Length: 57' (17m)


  • Open/ Closed seating for everyone
  • Washrooms: 1 for customers and 1 for crew
  • Extras: Hats, gloves, sunscreen, and blankets (available upon request)
  • Viewing: 360 Degree wildlife viewing (5 areas)
  • underwater microphone: listen to the whales