4 Ever Wild

4 Ever Wild

The beautiful 4 Ever Wild vessel offers protection from the weather while still offering an open-air viewing experience. Great for family adventures with passengers of all ages, the indoor experience is gentler while the outdoor experience can be a bit more extreme to suit your preference.

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4 Ever Wild Details


  • Hull Type: Catamaran
  • Capacity: 50 People
  • Speed: 26+ Knots
  • Engines: 435HP Volvo Marine Diesel = 870HP
  • Length: 57' (17m)


  • Open/ Closed seating for everyone
  • Washrooms: Two
  • Extras: Hats, gloves, sunscreen, binoculars, and blankets
  • Beverages & snacks available (donation)
  • Viewing: 360 Degree wildlife viewing (5 areas)
  • underwater microphone: listen to the whales