Our Boats

Photo of Whales passing by Serengeti
Photo of Goldwing & passengers
Photo of Luxury vessel Serengeti carries 12 passengers
Photo of Pre-trip safety briefing on 4 Ever Wild
Photo of Serengeti swerving by Trial Island
Photo of Serengeti skipping across the waves
Photo of Serengeti cruising
Photo of Goldwing & Eaglewing
Photo of FEATURE - Pacific White Sided dolphins bow riding with Eaglewing & Serengeti - photo Valerie Shore
Photo of Brown Pelicans like Serengeti
Photo of FEATURE - 4 Ever Wild NEW high performance luxury catamaran - photo Clint Rivers
Photo of Serengeti at Race Rocks boat ramp
Photo of Captain jeff on Goldwing
Photo of 13-09-10_5216-val
Photo of 4 Ever Wild viewing deck at back of boat
Photo of 4 Ever Wild 50 passenger high performance open:covered boat

Eagle Wing Tour’s Open and Covered Boats

Experience a comprehensive world-class marine adventure with our professional Captains and Crew. You’ll travel in style & comfort while aboard our open and covered, incredibly environmentally conscious vessels.Read on to find out why our boats truly are the best in the business.

Catamaran & Scarab Style Tour Boats

See more, & do more on board the rated #1 tour boat designs!

Experience a comprehensive world-class marine adventure with dedicated professionals while traveling in style & comfort. We operate the industry’s safest and most exciting open air tour vessels crewed by captains and crew considered to be the best in the industry.

Our vessels offer an extended range which equates to an industry leading 98% whale sighting success backed up by a sightings guarantee program (May-Oct). With multiple departures every day, Eagle Wing consistently provides the thrill of a lifetime for environmentally conscious travelers from around the globe.

Embark on an adventure at sea that is great for all ages on board our high performance tour boats!

Humpback whale with a big wave to passengers on Eaglewing - photo Valerie ShoreFEATURE - Pacific White Sided dolphins bow riding with Eaglewing & Serengeti - photo Valerie ShoreGoldwing with whale4 Ever Wild Eagle Wing Tours new covered boat with outdoor  indoor seating for everyone

  • High performance, thrilling, fun, safe certified, smooth, & comfortable = great memories!
  • Over stuffed seats, on board washrooms, room to move around, & premium extras!
  • NEW advanced “scarab” and “catamaran” hull design leaves a much smaller wake (wave) to reduce shore erosion and is more fuel efficient.
  • Our Arneson surface propulsion system (Goldwing) is more quiet than rain falling on water
  • Our above water exhaust system (Goldwing) provides a more quiet environment for marine mammals
  • EU approved (European Union) Diesel marine Volvo Penta engines
  • EPA approved Suzuki 4-stroke gasoline marine outboard engines—no oil burn (compared to 2 stroke)

Comparison Chart for all styles of Whale Watching boats used in the industry, showing why Eagle Wing Tours have the best boats.