Eagle Wing Tours versus Competitors!

Competitor ZodiacCompetitor CoveredEagle Wing Tours
Dedicated Health & Safety officer on all boatsNoNoYes
BIG Floater suits--not easily cleaned COVID-19YesNoNo
Victoria’s #1 whale-watching company on Trip Advisor since 2007! NoNoYes!
Canada's #1 Top Sustainable Tourism BusinessNoNoYes!
1st Sustainability award-winning whale-watching company NoNoYes!
Comprehensive conservation program NoNoYes!
Victoria's 1st guaranteed whale sightings program SomeSome Yes!
Priority booking when no whales seen NoNoYes!
Free extendable tour time Some NoYes!
Extended boat range Some NoYes!
Onboard washrooms Some Some Yes!
Underwater hydro-phone system Some Some Yes!
High-performance engines Some Some Yes!
University-educated naturalists & biologists Some Some Yes!
Comprehensive wildlife included Some Some Yes!
Smooth and “back safe” ride NoSome Yes!
Comfortable seating NoSome Yes!
Thrilling! YesSome Yes!
Binoculars - Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 N/AN/AN/A in 2021
Onboard wildlife ID cards SomeSome Yes!
Toques N/AN/AYes!
Gloves N/AN/AYes!
Sunscreen N/AN/AYes!
Sunglasses N/AN/AYes!
Blankets NoNoYes!