Marine Birds in Victoria BC

The birds around Victoria B.C. on Vancouver Island capture the imagination of many visitors. Bald eagles, great blue heron and black oystercatchers are confident, skilled hunters, and can be reliably seen feeding before our very eyes during whale watching trips.

You’ll watch belted kingfishers hit the water like smart bombs while common murre dive beneath the surface creating bubble trails behind them like underwater jet planes as they pick apart a frightened school of fish. The commotion attracts other hungry predators and soon the cluster of thrashing predator and prey is visible from a mile away. Year round, resident bird species include the bald eagle, harlequin duck, great blue heron, pigeon guillemot, rhinoceros auklet, Wilson’s phalarope, and the black oystercatcher. There are also many gull species, and a wide range of inter-tidal/coastal birds including the killdeer, greater & lesser yellow legs, black & ruddy turnstone, sanderlings, etc. It is an ornithologist’s dream!

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Bird watcher’s paradise on Vancouver Island

Bird watching is an essential activity on the south end of Vancouver Island, BC, where bald eagles are abundant, and auklets, guillemots, black oystercatchers and common murre are just a few of what you may encounter along the way.

Both Juan de Fuca and Haro Straights are the “Pacific Flyway” for many different species of bird. Our creative and passionate marine naturalists are eager to share with you an intimate and unlimited resource right here in our very own backyard. In the event you are unable to join us here in Victoria, it is our great pleasure to offer you the most comprehensive marine bird guide in the industry. From the comfort of your own home, you can experience the biodiversity of one of our marine adventures. Thank you for being a part of the Eagle Wing Tours adventure… Enjoy!


Foot-Propelled Diving Birds

Wing Propelled Diving Birds


Inspiring the conservation of our marine environment, with a thrill!

“It is my hope that the information contained within this guide affects people in such a way that they become infected with the same enthusiasm and passion about wildlife that I possess. One small step at a time towards personal and educational growth which hopefully, some day, will lead to global awareness… beauty of diverse life.” – Brett Soberg

This guide has been compiled by Brett Soberg, lead captain/naturalist and co-owner of Eagle Wing Tours Ltd., so that you from the comfort of your own home, may learn more about these wondrous marine mammals and may not be copied, duplicated or transmitted in whole or part, by any means whatsoever unless prior written permission is obtained from Eagle Wing Tours Ltd. This publication may only be downloaded and printed for an individual’s educational benefit.