Welcome Greater Victoria:

Eagle Wing Tours is a conservation company who happens to do whale watching. Eagle Wing Tours is offering residents of Greater Victoria a deal!

  • Local family owned business established in 1997
  • Donated over $670,000 since 2011 = we care
  • Supports up to 29 organizations per year = we make a positive difference
  • Luxury, high performance fully loaded boats = safe, comfortable, exciting…
  • #1 on TripAdvisor since 2007 in Victoria = best in the biz.

Eagle Wing has 4 pillars: Education, Research, Conservation, Sustainability

LEARN about & RECONNECT with your big blue backyard and have some fun doing it…with the best in Victoria, BC.

We welcome you to Eagle Wing Tours at Fisherman’s Wharf on the Salish Sea.  We are indeed privileged to work, play and educate 1000’s of people every year from all over the world and acknowledge that we are able to do this on the traditional territories of the Lekwungen speaking peoples of the Songheesand Esquimalt Nations

― Eagle Wing Tours family

Map of the traditional territory for the Lekwungen peoples


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EXPLORE your BIG BLUE backyard!

Support the LOCAL ecosystem

By supporting Eagle Wing Tours…

..our locally family owned and operated business, you are supporting something greater.  You are contributing to the health and vitality of our collective ecosystem (Victoria and the Salish Sea)

    • meet your neighbours—the local wildlife
    • community, local residents (people)
    • education, research, & conservation programs

The 4 Pillars and core ethos of Eagle Wing Tours: research, education, conservation & sustainability.


Your backyard, the Salish Sea is:

    • one of the most nutrient and biodiverse rich areas in the world next to the Amazon rainforest
    • 7470 km of coastline, 419 islands, 17,000 sq. Km Surface area
    • Depths as deep as 650m
    • 8 million people inhabit this area
    • 253 species of fish
    • 37 species of marine mammals
    • 172 species of birds
    • 3000+ species of invertebrates.
    • WORLD CLASS diversity & beauty!

May – October 98% sighting success

    • 5 species of whales: Minke, Gray, Humpback and 2 types of Orca (killer whale)

We are blessed!

Did you know?

Not ALL companies are created equal!

We were the first whale watching company to:

Some FUN Facts:

    • Developed an exclusive educational program in partnership with the School District 61 and Royal BC Museum (1500 kids every year grades 4-8)
    • Conducts & contributes to research from our vessels.
    • Developed our own Not-for-profit organization called Wild 4 Whales Foundation.
    • Exclusively sanctioned as “friends and parters” of the Songhees Nation

We are leading and changing the industry…

Don't take our word for it!

Many awards and accolades:

    • #1 on TripAdvisor since 2007 (16 years in a row and counting)
    • Top sustainable tourism business in Canada 2014, 2016
    • Platinum certified by Sustainable Tourism 2030. (Canada)
    • World Cetacean Alliance approved as a responsible whale watch operator (Global)
    • Surfrider approved business
    • Tourism Vancouver Island Top Sustainable business
    • etc.

R U Wild 4 Whales?

Book Now and save:

    • Eagle Wing Tours is offering residents of Greater Victoria a deal!
    • 20% for locals because it is so important to understand our connection to the Salish Sea, and how every one of our actions affects it (i.e. whale watching isn’t just for tourists!)
    • we want to inspire you.
    • Book using the prom-code “VICLOCAL” when booking online for your 20% off locals discount.

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Together WE make a difference

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