There are several things to take into consideration in order to improve their numbers: habitat restoration and enhancement, education on pollution and contamination, protecting the ‘wild’ Pacific salmon stocks on the west coast, and increasing overall salmon numbers through DFO (Department of Fisheries & Oceans) certified hatchery programs.

As a part of Eagle Wing Tours’ comprehensive ‘off the water’ environmental conservation program, we support the above solutions; this is the legacy that our customers leave behind after they have traveled on one of our tours. Not only do we donate time (volunteering at the hatchery in the offseason) but we donate up to 1% of our annual sales for:

Salmon Enhancement

We are proud supporters of the Goldstream Fish Hatchery – The Howard English Hatchery.

It raises up to 250,000 Chinook salmon and releases many thousands of natural salmon (food for the whales) into local spawning streams from where they migrate into the Strait of Juan de Fuca and then to the open Pacific Ocean. Thus ensuring the survival of a most precious asset: the wild Pacific salmon!

The hatchery’s goals are: to establish an ongoing program of salmonid enhancement for Southern Vancouver Island streams and rivers, to maintain and improve where possible the number of coho, Chinook, and chum available for all industries including natural marine ecosystems, to assist local educational schools in increasing the awareness of the value of the salmonid resource to the next generation of marine conservationists and to co-operate with other groups and agencies having similar aims and interests.  Our funds support the raising of up to 250,000 Chinook salmon every year!

You can DONATE here:   c/o 21 – 759 Sanctuary Court Victoria, B.C. V8X 5L6

Stream & Habitat Rehabilitation

We are proud supporters of the Pacific Salmon Foundation

British Columbia’s streams, lakes, and wetlands are valuable natural resources. Stream corridors are particularly important. They support more species of plants and animals than any other habitat and provide important refuges and migration routes for birds and wildlife. Streams are also essential for maintaining our ecosystem’s most crucial species: salmon.

Streams respond rapidly to the pressures of residential and industrial activity in surrounding drainage areas or watersheds. Streams are good indicators of watershed health. Since we all live within a watershed, be it coastal rain forest or interior dry land, we all share the responsibility of maintaining the quality of the natural resources within them. Habitat will continue to be lost when we do not appreciate fully the value of our aquatic resources. Plant and animal populations that depend on undisturbed land will be threatened.

Our funds directly support a broad range of projects in the province of BC.

Please donate at:

We are proud supporters of the Sea Change Program

They are a non-profit society that has worked towards the conservation and restoration of marine ecosystems. They work to restore the natural eelgrass beds once native to Saanich Inlet near Victoria, destroyed by past abuses to the environment. Sea Change has completed seven restoration projects in Saanich Inlet, planting 14,000 square metres of eelgrass.  As a result of their restoration work, the underwater landscape of Tod Inlet has dramatically changed. Our successful pilot project in Tod Inlet serves as a model for volunteer participation in eelgrass habitat restoration for the whole coast of British Columbia.

We purchase our office and boat cleaning supplies from the Soap Exchange Program (local green cleaning products); they donate 10% of our purchase to Sea Change.

Our funds support an outdoor environmental education program for 375 children every year!

Please donate at:

As a part of Eagle Wing Tours’ comprehensive ‘off the water’ environmental conservation program we support the above solutions – this is the legacy that our customers leave behind after they have traveled on one of our tours. Over 1% of our annual gross sales support this legacy every single year!!