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The Go Green Pledge


  • Turn off lights when not needed
  • Enable power management on my computer
  • Wash my clothes in cold water
  • Replace light fixtures with CFL or energy-efficient LED bulbs
  • Plug my electronics into power strips
  • Take stairs not elevators
  • Use blinds and shades more effectively
  • Defrost my freezer periodically
  • Set my thermostat two degrees cooler or warmer
  • Air-dry my clothes
  • Only run a dishwasher or washing machine when full

Dispose of garbage responsibly

  • Responsibly recycle my e-waste and other hazardous materials
  • Make sure my car oil, antifreeze, pet waste and expired medications are properly disposed of
  • Recycle everything I can
  • Limit my use of paper towels
  • Use my own thermos for hot drinks
  • Switch to paper-free billing
  • Remove myself from junk mail and catalogue lists
  • Avoid printing and print double-sided when possible
  • Avoid balloons, or make sure they make it to the garbage when I’m finished with them
  • Cut plastic six-pack rings before throwing them away
  • Avoid leaving used fishing line and hooks around for wildlife to get caught in

Shop smart

  • Buy local when possible
  • Take reusable bags when shopping
  • Buy recycled, biodegradable products
  • Support businesses that are members of 1% For the Planet
  • Buy only sustainably certified seafood


  • Never leave a tap running when not in use
  • Report or repair leaking faucets
  • Shorten showers when possible
  • Drink tap water instead of bottled
  • Carry a reusable water bottle
  • Install low-flow shower heads and taps


  • Ride my bike or walk to work when possible
  • Use public transportation when possible
  • Carpool when possible
  • Use video conferencing rather than business trips when possible
  • Combine my errands to reduce the need to travel


  • Plan my next vacation or getaway to a destination that supports sustainability
  • Stay at an accommodation that has a green policy and promotes it
  • Eat at and help promote restaurants that support sustainability
  • Book excursions and tours with companies that are truly promoting sustainability

Get involved

  • I will volunteer for a local cleanup
  • I will keep my lawns and gardens pesticide free
  • I will assist with monitoring a local watershed
  • I will find a cause and support it

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