We do the best we can to educate the public on our marine adventures but our passion for the whales on the water also drives us to support ongoing current projects such as (but not limited to):

  • orca adoption
  • killer whale diving behavior
  • movement patterns
  • a study of diet and behavioral cues of predation
  • continued photo identification of orca in the Salish Sea
  • collection of fecal samples (for genetic analysis of diet)
  • prey samples left behind by foraging whales

Our financial support through the various conservation organizations helps to make these programs possible.  Here are two very important groups/stewards for the killer whales:

 Center for Whale Research

The mission of the Center for Whale Research (CWR) is to develop, promote, and conduct studies of free-swimming cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) for the purpose of conserving their populations and informing governments and the public of their ecosystem needs. CWR scientists pioneered the technique of individual cetacean photo identification and have improved it over four decades to the point that ID studies are now considered a standard method for research on free-swimming cetaceans worldwide. Follow this link to CWR’s premiere study orca survey: a long term photo-identification study of southern resident killer whales, a population of Orcinus orca frequenting the inland marine waters of Washington State and southern British Columbia, Canada. This population is currently listed as endangered in both the U.S. and Canada.

If, like Eagle Wing Tours, you would like to support Ken Balcomb & the CWR, donate here.

Vancouver Aquarium & Orca Adoption

Studying killer whales in the wild is expensive work.  Travel, equipment, boat supplies and maintenance are some of the costs faced by researchers in the field. By adopting a wild killer whale, you’ll become a key partner in the research effort!

Orca “adoption” is fun fundraising effort run by the Aquarium in Vancouver, BC. The folks there work closely with well-respected researchers and marine conservationists who are doing everything possible to protect killer whales. Groups or individuals can adopt a specific whale and receive periodic updates on that animal’s health and activities. The money is used in a number of valuable conservation efforts.

Many of Eagle Wing Tours’ guests decide that they too would like to take part in this effective conservation effort. For more information or to begin your own adoption process, click here.

Basic Adoption Package includes: Something new in the works for 2021 (according to the Killer whale adoption program)

  • Adoption certificate
  • ID photo and biography of “your” whale
  • Blackfish Sound CD – featuring the sounds of BC’s killer whales. Narrated by Dr. John K.B. Ford, one of the leading researchers on killer whales in the world
  • Annual members’ newsletter, The Blackfish Sounder
  • Adoption membership for one full year which entitles you to receive email updates and the next issue of The Blackfish Sounder