We think and act green

At Eagle Wing Tours we practice what we preach. Environmental stewardship and sustainability have always been core values of our company. From fuel-efficient, low underwater-noise engines to paper conservation and composting, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment.

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We’ve won multiple awards for our commitment to sustainability, including Top Sustainable Tourism Business (Canada), Top Tourism Business (Vancouver Island) and Ecostar Awards for Environmental Leadership.

We’re the first whale watching company in Canada to be certified “Platinum” with Sustainable Tourism 2030. And we’re certified “Green” (highest ranking) for our green business practices and “Surfrider Approved” as an ocean-friendly business by the Vancouver Island Green Business Collective.

What does award-winning sustainability look like?


Being carbon-neutral means taking responsibility for the impact of our business on the environment. We’ re very proud that we’re Canada’s first and only third-party verified 100% carbon-neutral whale watching company.

We’ve been measuring our carbon footprint since 2009, reducing what we can and offsetting what we can’t. We calculate our total emissions and invest in carbon offset projects through Wilderness International, with the money going toward habitat preservation in the Toba Valley on the BC mainland, 160 km north of Vancouver.

Eagle Wing Tours works closely with Synergy Enterprises, a team of environmental business experts who specialize in corporate sustainability practices and carbon accounting for the tourism industry and other sectors.

See our Annual Sustainability Reports here:

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As an ecotourism company dedicated to building a better and sustainable future for all, Eagle Wing Tours is committed to integrating the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into its operations. Our special focus* is on six SDGs where we know we can make an impact:

    • SDG 4: Quality Education
    • SDG 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities
    • SDG 13: Climate Action
    • SDG 14: Life Below Water
    • SDG 15: Life on Land
    • SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals

*we do address all the other SDGs but the above are our focus.


    • We operate paperless as much as we can
    • When we have to use paper, we use sugar sheet (made from the residue fibre from sugar cane processing)
    • Full recycling and composting station
    • Biodegradable garbage bags and soft plastics recycling
    • Electricity purchased from renewable resources with Bullfrog Power
    • Environmentally friendly, refillable cleaning supplies
    • Water refilling station
    • Green purchasing policy
    • We shop local!


    • Our diesel catamarans are ultra-efficient, clean and quiet
    • Volvo Penta diesel engines are designed for low noise and vibration
    • Diesel engines meet the highest emission standards in the world
    • Goldwing open boat has twin disc propulsion technology, which reduces drag and noise
    • Suzuki four-stroke gasoline engines are quieter than two-stroke, burn less fuel and no oil
    • All boats use eco-friendly Noxudol, a water-based compound to dampen noise and vibration
    • Environmentally friendly, refillable cleaning supplies

What our partners are saying about us…

“Eagle Wing Tours puts conservation and sustainability at the forefront of their organization. They follow the science and expertise in the region to develop their initiatives and programs and are a constant inspiration to the Synergy team.”

Kayli Anderson, Partner and COO, Synergy Enterprises

“Sustainability is in demand everywhere nowadays, but the effect of the implemented measures varies strongly. The partnership between Eagle Wing Tours and Wilderness International ensures a tangible and long-term positive impact for the climate and biodiversity by directly protecting our remaining natural habitats.”

David MacDonald, Director, Wilderness International

“As the first tourism business to have achieved a “platinum” certification with GreenStep Sustainable Tourism, Eagle Wing Tours provides leadership for the tourism industry, demonstrating how sustainability, conservation goals and business can go hand-in-hand.”

—Angela Nagy, President & CEO, GreenStep Sustainable Tourism 2030