Sustainability initiatives at Eagle Wing Tours


  • Use 100% recycled post-consumer paper for all printing
  • Gift cards are made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Full recycling and composting station in office
  • Complimentary hot beverage cups and lids are 100% compostable
  • Compostable garbage bags
  • Electricity purchased from renewable resources with Bullfrog Power
  • Cleaning products are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.


  • 4 Ever Wild and Wild 4 Whales diesel catamarans are ultra-efficient, clean, quiet
  • Goldwing: Arneson twin-disc propulsion technology reduces drag and noise, water muffler system is ultra quiet
  • Diesel engines: Volvo Penta engines are designed for low noise and vibrations (great for the marine life and passengers) and meet European Union emission standards (the highest in the world)
  • Gasoline Engines: Suzuki 4-stroke are quieter than 2-stroke motors, burn less fuel and no oil
  • Sound dampeners: all boats (where applicable) use Noxudol, a water-based viscous elastic compound to dampen noises and vibrations
  • Oils: regularly tested to extend life and are responsibly recycled when oil is changed.
  • The best available technology is used at all times.

100% Carbon Neutral

Being carbon neutral means taking responsibility for the impact of our business on the environment.

MEASURE: First, we measure our carbon footprint by converting all of our activities such as electricity consumption, fuel use, waste and staff commuting to tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

REDUCE: We then work to reduce those emissions wherever possible – by optimizing the fuel efficiency of our boats, riding our bikes to work, purchasing local, using less energy and keeping waste out of the landfills.

OFFSET: Finally, we “neutralize” the remaining emissions by purchasing verified carbon offsets with Wilderness International

ASR reports since 2010

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