Can’t Decide Between a Sunset Tour and a Day Tour?

Ross Bay Cemetery


There really is no “best” time of day to go whale watching. Whales are out and about all day and night, so morning, afternoon, evening—you’ll always have a great chance of spotting a whale.

Thanks to our vessel style, which has a greater range than our competitors’, we can confidently guarantee sightings 96-98% of the time in the peak whale watching season. With such a great success rate, all you have to do is decide what time to go!


A sunset tour is the perfect option you want to:


Travel straight to the whales

Our sunset tours leave shortly after dinnertime (depending on demand) and are a bit shorter than our day tours, which make them perfect if you don’t have a ton of time. We’ll head straight to the whales, give you plenty of time to see them in action, then motor back to the Inner Harbour with the sunset guiding the way.


Avoid the crowds

Most whale watching companies head out during the day, so it’ll just be us, the whales, and the unbeatable backdrop of the Olympic Mountains!


Save money

Sunset tours are our most affordable option. That means you’ll have more cash to enjoy all of the other wonderful things Victoria has to offer.


A day tour is the perfect option if you want:


A comprehensive tour with whales, wildlife and more!

With our day tours, you’ll get more than just a peek at the whales. You’ll get an insider look at the real west coast—the birds, wildlife and scenic spots that make Victoria so special. Our staff are experts on whales, of course, but will also fill you in on local history, conservation issues and all the other creatures that call the Salish Sea home.


 The longest tour in the business

We’ll be out on the water for at least 3.5 hours, and our captains aren’t afraid to literally go the extra mile to make sure your whale watching tour is the best one ever.


Convenient Tour Times

Our day tours leave at regular intervals throughout the morning and afternoon. No matter what else you have planned that day, it’s easy to fit in a whale watching tour.


What do both of these tours have in common?

Decided on which tour is right for you? You can book online or give us a call at 1-800-708-9488.