The Eagle Wing Tours staff love what they do…

…and are not strangers to giving back to the community. If there is a calling to help wildlife anywhere—literally—you might see them there. In addition to all our work locally (such as our support for the Race Rocks ecological reserve and volunteer work at the Goldstream Salmon Hatchery), Eaglewing employee Derek (D-Rock) Sterling has recently been volunteering his time at the Wildtracks Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Belize!

“My work in Belize has been a very hands on experience, caring for, raising and/or rehabilitating endangered animals for their return to the wild. Animals of focus are primarily West Indian Manatees, Geoffroy’s Spider monkeys and Yucatan Black Howler monkeys …. although other animals such as Picary’s and Marguays are also at the Center. Care involves nurturing and training young animals, the care and feeding of all animals, and all the site development and upkeep that goes into a world class site. Animals come from wild rescues, government confiscation of illegally kept pets and also from the surrender of pets as they become too difficult to care for properly.

Working one and one with the monkeys and manatees is a very fulfilling and gratifying experience. Although you form a very personal bond to the animals you work with, there is a program in place to ensure the animals are fully non-dependent on human contact by the time they are ready for release. For example, the monkeys are raise to develop into their own, independent, troop before release.”

Wild Tracks daily success is based on the core of international volunteers and the generous support of everyday people around the world. Please visit their current appeal and website for more information about how you can help!

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