Be safe. Be kind. Have fun!

Guided by the advice of health authorities and other government agencies, we’ve implemented many COVID-19 health and safety measures to keep you and everyone else safe on our tours. Most of these measures are happening behind the scenes. But for some of them, we need your help. We want you to have an outrageous amount of fun on your tour with us—but to do it safely for all!

Please be aware of the following information before coming on your tour.

Additional questions and answers can be found here.

What we’re doing to keep you safe

  • LIMIT ON NUMBERS. To facilitate social distancing on board we have reduced guest numbers on our vessels for regular tours.
  • SANITIZATION. We’re thoroughly sanitizing bathrooms and every commonly touched surface of the vessel before, during and after each tour.
  • MASKS. Our staff wear face coverings at all times on the dock and vessels.
  • CONTACT-FREE CHECK-IN. We strongly encourage a contact-free check-in. We’ve installed Plexiglas shields at our check-in desk to protect guests and staff. We discourage cash payments.
  • STRICT STAFF ILLNESS POLICY. Any staff who are exhibiting symptoms or are feeling unwell are required to stay home.
  • FRESH AIR IS BEST. On the vessel, we encourage you to stay on the outer deck as much as possible.
  • SANITIZED GEAR. Any gear supplied by Eagle Wing is washed and sanitized before each tour. (Laundering facilities on site.)
  • HAND SANITIZER STATIONS. We’ve installed multiple hand sanitizer stations at the office and on the vessels.
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We follow global protocols for the new normal

What we’re asking you to do to help us

(Even if you’ve been vaccinated!)

  • CONTACT-FREE CHECK-IN. Please pay ahead of your arrival AND fill in your waivers and health declaration online.
    • Have you experienced a cough, fever, or other flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days?
    • Have you travelled outside of Canada (including the United States) within the last 14 days?
    • Have you been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 30 days?
    • Have you been asked to quarantine in the last 14 days?
  • STAY HOME IF UNWELL. If you’re exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 or are feeling unwell, please stay home. We offer full refunds at any time for any reason.
  • MASKS: You are required to wear a mask for the duration of the tour—no exceptions. This applies even if you’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19. Masks are mandatory at all times on our vessels for everyone over two years old. They must fit snugly over both mouth and nose. The BC health authority recommends a medical mask OR a three-layer non-medical mask to offer you the best protection, especially when inside the cabin. If a medical mask is worn on the outer decks, either an extra layer (buff or cloth mask) must be worn over top or medical mask lanyard clips should be used. This keeps the mask in place and prevents it blowing off and potentially littering the ocean! You can bring your own masks, buff or lanyards. Or we’re happy to supply them.
  • FACE SHIELDS. Face shields do not replace medical masks. If you choose to wear a face shield, an additional mask layer must be worn to protect others nearby. Due to wind, it is not recommended that face shields be worn on the outer decks.
  • KEEP HANDS CLEAN. Use the hand sanitizer we provide frequently and liberally.
  • DRESS WARMLY. Layer up with outer clothing, and bring your own gloves and hats. Pretend you’re going skiing (but expect to see whales, not snow!).
  • KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. Remember to social-distance as much as possible from other guests, staff and residents of Fisherman’s Wharf while on the dock and on the vessel.
  • FOOD AND DRINKS. Please don’t bring food or beverages on board. You can bring your own water and small snacks, as these items are not available for sale on board. If consuming water or small snacks please do so at least six feet away and downwind from other people. (Exceptions to the food/beverage rule are made for medical reasons and very young children.)
  • GARBAGE. Please dispose of any garbage on the vessels in the appropriate receptacles.
  • SEASICKNESS. Some tours experience swells and wind-driven waves. If you’re prone to seasickness or think you might be, please consider preventive measures before the tour.
COVID-19 Safety Pledge updated for 2021 Whale Watching Tour season.

Eagle Wing Tours COVID-19 Safety Plan 2021 season updated: SAFETY PLAN