As we look back on our 2022 season, we’re enormously grateful to all our guests for choosing Eagle Wing Tours. Your contributions directly support our award-winning conservation, sustainability, research and education activities in and around the Salish Sea.

In 2022 our guests contributed almost $236,000 to a broad range of conservation organizations and initiatives in the region! This means that since 2011, your donations have helped us raise more than $1 million for conservation! To be precise, we’ve raised a whopping $1,024,650.74!

Guest contributions help fund our award-winning education program, seen in action here as kids return from a tour experience on the Salish Sea.
A boat session on our award-winning education program / Eagle Wing Tours photo

To say we’re excited about reaching this million-dollar milestone is an understatement.

“Everything we do at Eagle Wing revolves around conservation, environmental leadership and community action,” say co-owners Brett Soberg and Don Stewart. “Our guests can take pride in knowing that their tourism dollars are leaving a positive impact on this spectacular ecosystem and its wildlife.

“On behalf of the wildlife of the Salish Sea and the entire Eagle Wing family—THANK YOU!”

Guest contributions help fund our research program. Seen here: two members of our research team collect humpback poop to help scientists learn more about humpback diet.
Our active research program includes collecting humpback poop! / Eagle Wing Tours photo

How did you contribute?

  • 1% for the Planet

As a member of 1% for the Planet since 2011, we donate 1% of our total revenue to a variety of hard-working organizations and projects dedicated to sustainability and environmental protection.

  • Wildlife Fee

In 2013, Eagle Wing was the first in the regional whale watching industry to implement a $2 per guest Wildlife Fee. This was raised to $5 in 2019. All of these funds go directly to conservation, sustainability,  research and education initiatives in the Salish Sea.

  • Carbon offsets

We were Canada’s first third-party verified 100% carbon neutral whale watching company. We’re now beyond carbon neutral! All documentation is public—see our Annual Sustainability Reports (ASR). We purchase our carbon offsets from Wilderness International, with the money going toward old-growth habitat preservation in the Toba Valley north of Vancouver.

Guest contributions through donations and carbon offsets help protect old-growth forests in BC's Toba Valley, seen here.
The Toba Valley / Reinhard Mink photo, Wilderness International

Our four pillars of action

Our core mission at Eagle Wing Tours is to protect marine wildlife and the ocean environment through direct support of conservation and research activities, to build ocean awareness through education and outreach programs, and to promote environmental stewardship through industry-leading sustainability initiatives.

Here’s how we’ve divided your 2022 contributions among our four pillars of action…

Where did your 2022 contributions go?

Here’s a round-up of organizations and projects we—and you— supported in 2022, listed by funding stream…

1% for the Planet

Guest contributions help fund research on wild whales by the Center for Whale Research. Seen here in his research boat with whales is center founder Ken Balcomb.

Wildlife Fee

Carbon offsets

Next goal: $2 million for conservation!

Join us on a tour in 2023 and make your contribution to conservation in the Salish Sea. Help us reach the $2 million mark!

For more information or to book your tour, give us a call or book online!

Published April 21, 2023