Started out by going south as we heard reports of Humpback Whales a little northeast of Race Rocks! A little offshore near William Head we came across two Humpback Whales! What an amazing show! The two Humpbacks were coming to the surface quite frequently when all of a sudden the one animal came right over to us! We were sitting with our motors off for about 5-10 minutes and the one Humpback came right up beside the boat and came within inches of us on its side, rolling over and checking us out. It went to the bow of the boat, dove underneath the bow and came up the other side and was playing with some kelp right beside us! The whale spent a couple minutes just rolling around at the surface, looking at us, It was just simply an amazing experience! After that we went out to Race Rocks and spent some time viewing seals and sea lions. We continued west, where we found 5 more Humpback Whales, three miles southwest of Race Rocks. We continued our search to the south and east, traveled a total distance of 53 miles. Flat, calm and sunny conditions with 8 or 9 Humpback Whales and a fantastic time spent at Race Rocks. A very memorable trip for sure!

Oct. 9 10 am Trip


Jeff Lamarche

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