Started out a little bit northeast of Race Rocks where we had a couple Humpback Whales, a couple miles northeast. We spent quite a bit of time with the Humpbacks that were doing some deep dives, obviously feeding on herring. From there we quickly went into Race Rocks where we had a phenomenal view of Elephant seals, Stellar and California Sea Lions and Harbour Seals. From Race Rocks we traveled the shoreline west stopping in at Secretary Island, however no luck finding eagles or the sea otter. Continuing west out to Otter Point we started heading offshore and on the back in from Otter Point, about three miles south of Beechey Head we found some Transient Killer Whales. We found the T46C’s, three of them, mom and two offspring. We spent quite a bit of time with the Transients as they came in towards Race Rocks. About two miles southwest off Race Rocks, where we left the Transients, we found two more Humpback Whales! A little bit west of Race, going west. Tonight we had a phenomenal sunset with flat, calm water conditions and beautiful views of the ocean and Race Rocks. Back to Victoria with a roundtrip of 67 miles. Humpbacks, Transients and of course Race Rocks Ecological Reserve!

Oct. 14 2:30 pm Trip


Jeff Lamarche

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