We started off a little bit southwest off Constance Bank where we had a couple Humpback Whales. Spent a bit of time with the two Humpbacks. From there we headed to Race Rocks! We got to see lots of Stellar and California Sea Lions, Harbour Seals and about 4 or 5 Elephant Seals at the main dock near the boat ramp. We continued west we saw a few bald eagles along the shoreline from whirl bay to Secretary Island. We picked up another Humpback Whale a couple miles southwest of Secretary Island! We traveled all the way out to Sheringham Point in search for Orca’s. We then received a phone call letting us know there were killer whales near Pedder Bay, so we did a quick 180 and went all the way back to Race passage where we bumped into T11 and T11A, A mother and son! They were right at Christopher Point, we followed them southwest out towards Beechey Head and had a great viewing of the Transient Killer Whales! Back to Victoria with a roundtrip of 77 miles.

Oct. 12 10 am Trip


Jeff Lamarche

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