By Sina Drewermann

Sina's First Trip

There are days when you can’t wait to get up, the 19th of August was one of these days! A day That would be The best of my life! I would see Orcas, The most beautiful Animal in The World, in there natural habitat…my biggest Dream in life would come true! At The same time You feel stressed…how will it be, how do they sound and how will The people react on my passion!

I started to plan this vacation in The beginning of this Year! I booked a flight and hotel and then I looked around for a whale watching company! I found Eagle Wing Tours and i Write an E-Mail. I got an answer pretty soon and in The next couple of month i stayed in touch with Rachel and Brett whom did the pre-organized of my 12 tours! As closer i got as nervous i got! I counted down the days, hours and Even seconds!

Now The Day has arrived and i was so nervous. But everybody was so kind and warm welcome to me that all my worries disappear! Then i got on The boat…now i was only minutes away from my Orcas! Already on the Way i had tears in my eyes…but the moment the boat slowed down and my eyes caught the first dorsal fin…nothing matters anymore! My heart started beating so fast and I fade out everything, The other guests on board, the guides and even that i cried like a Baby! It was amazing and indescribably! My Dream really came true!!Sina Whale Watching

The next couple of days i calmed down so i could listen to The captains and naturalists their Knowledge about The Wildlife and Orcas is incredible! I was glad to have The opportunity to go out with every captain and naturalist at Eagle Wing, everyone had different stories to tell and told other facts i haven’t known yet! I have learned so much about the Resident Orcas, transient Orcas and the other wild life! They answer every question i had! I Could tell now if they are resting, searching food or even hunting! I was able to take this amazing picture of an Orca having an Harbour porpoise in his mouth…how amazing it was to See them hunting!  I saw a mother Orca teaching her Baby how to hunt….i didn’t know that they are able to swim backwards! To hear them talking by hydrophone, was unbelievably! I saw how social they are with each other….They are so much like us humans! They Never leave their mom or pod! When they play they do jumps and by spyhopping they look around where they are!
I was so proud when i recognize a Orca i have seen before! I did 14 tours at the end because i couldn’t get enough and every day was very special and different to the one before!

I will never forget how it feels to have the breath of an Orca in my face…in those moments there is no place on earth you would rather wanna be! Or how beautiful they look with an straight dorsal fin! You almost find never an wild Orca with an bent over fin, because they spent 80% of their lives under water and they do swim about 200km per Day!! In captivity that’s not possible, no matter how big the tank is!! What i take home form this Adventure??….. Memories that no one ever can take away from me and that these magical creatures belong in the wild with their families….not in tanks force to please us humans!

We have to do everything we can to protect our Oceans and the Wildlife within….otherwise we are doomed!!!

Sina's Last trip
Thank you Eagle Wing, thank you Mom & Dad to make this dream come true!

This experience will least a lifetime!!!!