For Eagle Wing Tours, winning a Sustainable Tourism Award is something we’re very proud of. We’re passionate about protecting the environment for both ourselves and our fellow mammals that live in it. It’s everyone’s responsibility what happens on this planet we call Earth.  We were honored on November 26 by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) at the 2014 Canadian Tourism Awards Ceremony at the Westin Ottawa with the Transat AT Inc. Sustainable Tourism Award.

“Tonight was an excellent showcase of the amazing travel experiences, products and people that Canada has to offer. Coast to coast to coast, outstanding groups of individuals and organizations have demonstrated expertise, perseverance and determination on the path to success and are a testament to the quality of Canada’s world-class tourism industry,” said TIAC President and CEO (Interim) Rob Taylor.

Pictured above is Don Stewart and Brett Soberg (in the middle), owners of Eagle Wing Tours who were in attendance for this presentation and accepted the award. To the Left is Andrew Lind, TIAC board chair and to the right is MP Murray Rankin.

The Transat AT Inc. Sustainable Tourism Award is presented to an organization that has made an outstanding contribution to the practice and promotion of sustainable tourism in Canada. Judging criteria included showing how a company:

  • Protects and preserves natural and cultural heritage resources
  • Fosters appreciation and enjoyment of natural and cultural heritage resources
  • Raises awareness among visitors and influences them to enjoy resources sustainably
  • Mitigates negative impacts of tourism on the natural and cultural environment
  • Respects, involves and engages other stakeholders and host communities

“Eagle Wing Tours is and will continue to be a leader in sustainable responsible ecotourism in Victoria and around the world. We are recreating what we think a sustainable whale and marine watching company should be. We are extremely proud to receive this award and pleased to see that others are finally following the path that we have started, making the entire whale watching sector in the Pacific Northwest better:” said Brett Soberg.

The Canadian Tourism Awards are presented annually by TIAC to recognize success, leadership and innovation in Canada’s tourism industry, and to reward those people, places, organizations and events that have gone above and beyond to offer travellers superior tourism experiences in Canada.

We’re so happy to have been honoured by an award that is so close to our hearts.  We feel privileged to be nominated beside such amazing Canadian Companies. Congratulations to everyone who won awards and to all those who were nominated.

And a big thank you to everyone in the Eagle Wing Tours family and anyone who ever came out with Eagle Wing Tours. You were all an integral part of winning this award. By choosing Eagle Wing Tours, you helped us help the Whale, their food source and the world we all share.

Thank you.