“Whale-watching group uses surcharge to boost salmon, science for killer whales”

We applaud the recent decision by Prince of Whales Whale Watching in Victoria to boost its passenger surcharge from $2 to $5 per seat for the direct support of conservation initiatives. This continues a tradition initiated by Victoria’s Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tours, who in 2013 became the first in southern Vancouver Island’s ecotourism industry to implement a $2 wildlife fee per passenger and in 2011 became members of 1% For the Planet. Since then, Eagle Wing has already raised nearly $450,000 for the direct support of research, salmon restoration, education and other conservation initiatives—many of them aimed at the recovery of the endangered southern resident killer whales and the chinook salmon they so desperately need. Following our example, many other whale watch operators in Victoria and Vancouver have since implemented a similar surcharge. It’s now time to up the ante. Effective immediately (December 1st), Eagle Wing Tours is also raising its fee to $5 per passenger ($1 million in 5 years), and we challenge ALL other whale watch operators in the region to do the same. We all care passionately about this special place we call the Salish Sea and the whales, sea lions, seals and other wild animals that depend on a healthy marine ecosystem. Let’s all work together to make it a reality.

Don Stewart and Brett Soberg
Co-owners, Eagle Wing Tours
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