Well we have 2 options this evening, to go say hi to 6 resident killer whales on the west side of San Juan Island with prying eyes on the west side of San Juan in rough water or we could go spend private time buy ourselves with T20 and T21 in flat calm water near Mandarte Island with Department of Fisheries and Oceans on scene. We chose to view animals near Mandarte Island going a little bit further but in much nicer conditions. It was interesting to see T20 and T21 circumnavigate Mardarte Island which is a large bird colony with over 1500 birds nesting and about 6 different species, all first nations owned or privately owned by aboriginals. And they were teasing the seals using their intimidation and hunting techniques in the kelp. I am sure at one point that they were successful taking out a seal and then gradually pointing north west away from those islands. As the sun was disappearing beneath the hills over by Salt Spring Island. It was a lovely evening not a breath of wind we could hear them breathing as they were rising and falling in the flat water. And of course it was starting to get a little bit refreshing as the sun had disappear on us and we wanted to make sure we got into the harbour nice and safe and sound. Excellent trip great group of people, lots of fantastic questions and hopefully everyone felt that they had a lovely experience with us out there tonight.

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