Well, we knew where the whales were. We lucked out with a trail of breadcrumbs so it was easy to follow them. We went west and south to Race Rocks ecological reserve where all the seals and sea lions are really spectacular, so we went in the opposite direction to share that experience with our passengers. From there we traveled east and north across the Victoria waterfront, around the corner to Oak Bay and up into the middle of Haro Strait where we arrived on scene promptly, with the T-30 transient killer whale family again. We spent a good hour and 20 minutes on scene with them and we were blessed with a very nice and close encounter as per the whales’ discretion. It was a lovely trip with lots of really cool people on board with excellent dynamic and lots of very interesting questions. Hope you all had a great experience! We had to leave of course, getting back promptly at about 5 after 6 to adhere to some time restriction requests on behalf of some passengers. We made it all happen for everybody, jam-packed, with lots to see and lots to do. Thanks for coming out!

Aug 31 230pm goldwing


Brett Soberg

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