Conditions, unfortunately, did not appear to be very favourable as we left the harbour. There were foggy conditions, although flat water which encouraging and certainly positive. We had a bit of rain here and there but it was rather intermittent and made searching the area rather challenging. However, as we left the harbour, we had a report of a lone killer whale spotted of San Juan Island. So, of course, about 12-25 boats went into the area to search while we went off west in the opposite direction to Race Rocks reserve to experience all the seals and sea lions, marine birds, and natural history of the area. After finishing our experience at Race Rocks reserve, we heard that they had not encountered the orca, so of course we engaged on a search with the industry. We ended up going south and east, deep into the Juan de Fuca Strait, buzzing by Port Angeles. Finally clearing out of the fog, we had several miles of visibility so we engaged on a very thorough search for some Humpback whales, possibly deep in the strait or any other time of citation in the area. We continued on way to the east by Partridge Bank, just at the mouth of Puget Sound, where we had a lovely bird feeding frenzy with a Bait Ball and several different types of marine birds feeding in the area. From there we went to Smith and Minor Island where we had a couple of eagles, lots of harbour seals on the sand spit around the corner. We made our way back to Hein Bank where there was a Minke whale in the area but it was awfully elusive and it was a bit choppy so that made things a little bit challenging. Unfortunately there were no whale sightings today. We made our way back home in hopes of covering some different ground, getting back into the foggy conditions off the waterfront of Victoria and made our way through Constance Bank, back into the harbour. We certainly made an effort, traveling about 90 nautical miles, as our average trip is about 32, so almost tripling the distance in order to try to make it happen for people. Unfortunately, to no avail. Of course, with our professional courtesy, we handed out our “No Whale Guarantee” and extended the option of our 20% refund to people as well. Hopefully you all had a good time. We certainly covered a lot of ground. We saw lots of really cool things but no whales today.

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