We departed at full speed into light wind out towards Race Rocks ecological reserve where we encountered some very nice harbour seals on the first, northern rocks. We proceeded over to Helicopter rock and Main rock for over 300 Stellar and California Sea Lions. Afterwards we picked up the resident Killer Whales from the L-54 Matra line, which is Ino and her 3 sons, along with L-84 Nissa and L-88, Wave Walker. We followed them from Church rock all the way through Race Passage and left them on the east side of the ecological reserve. We doubled back to the eagle’s nest in Whirl Bay where we got a very nice view of the juvenile bald eagle that’s been hanging out there for the past 3 months and it was the first time we saw it take flight from it’s nest tree down to a lower tree. Then we returned back to Victoria, it was a 33 nautical mile roundtrip.

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