When it comes to running whale watching tours around Vancouver Island, Captain Rod is local knowledge. Rod was born and raised in Victoria and has spent most of that time on the water, from floating on logs and playing in the tides as a young boy to fishing and sailing. He’s circumnavigated Vancouver Island, sailed across the Atlantic, run icebreakers through the Northwest Passage, run BC Ferries ships through Active Pass and the Gulf Islands, worked on tugboats from Newfoundland to Wisconsin, and back and forth on the St. Lawrence Seaway. He’s also trained as an oil spill technician and is always on watch in case of an emergency on our coastline. In 2021 he spent a few months as the ecoguardian at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, maintaining generators and solar panels, testing water salinity, monitoring the surveillance systems, and enjoying the surrounding marine life. Rod continues to be an industry protector of whales and has a deep love of the local area, and a lifelong respect for whales, birds and nature. He’s sure to entertain and educate you!