Lili did not grow up on the coast but has always been drawn to the ocean. This began with a childhood love of sharks, but grew into a keen interest for all marine wildlife. Her journey into the whale world began when she interned with the University of Victoria whale lab in 2015. It only took seeing a single grey whale to launch an obsession. She continued down the whale path working with the SeaWatch Foundation in Cardigan Bay, Wales, studying bottlenose dolphins and educating the public. Lili started her whale watching career in Victoria as a naturalist in 2017, and years later her heart still skips a beat when she encounters a whale. In 2018 Lili earned her 60-ton captain’s ticket and hopes to use this as a captain at Eagle Wing one day. As a naturalist, she combines her knowledge of science and her passion for photography and storytelling to inspire others to protect the ocean.