Kristina grew up in landlocked Calgary, but has always been drawn to the ocean. After experiencing her first scuba dive at age 15, she fell in love with the underwater world. By age 19 she was already pursuing a passion for science communication as a divemaster in Thailand, where she taught divers about the animals they observed and how to be stewards for the ocean. While at university, Kristina attended Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, where she studied the ecology of coastal habitats in the Pacific Northwest. She moved to Vancouver Island after earning her biology degree in 2020. She’s been diving the cold waters off Vancouver Island ever since, and believes that the colour and diversity of life here rivals that of any tropical destination. Kristina spends her spare time diving and documenting marine life in the Salish Sea. She hopes that through sharing her footage, people will become aware of the incredible life that is right in their back yard!