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Sept 26th 10am trip with Capt Jeff and Derek on Goldwing

Started out going southwest towards Race Rocks. We picked up a Minke whale 1 mile east of Albert Head. We spent a little bit of time with the small Minke whale and then we heard reports of Humpbacks at William Head. We whipped out to William head and right in Pedder Bay we had 3 Humpback whales traveling in the shallows as they went past the prison at William Head. We had reports of Killer whales well to the east and north so we traveled up Haro Strait all the way up to Forest and Domville Island off Sidney where we picked up a nice group of Transient Killer whales, 9 of them in total. T-12A was the big male, T-109A’s and the T-41’s were there. T-41A was the little baby. The 9 Transients traveled north between Portland and Moresby Island and we left them approaching Beaver Point on Saltspring. Back to Victoria, roundtrip was 90 miles and we had a triple header! Minkes, Humpbacks, & Killer whales all in one trip!

Sept. 26 10 am Trip


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