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100% Carbon Neutral Whale Watching

“Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t…”  - Carbon Fund Becoming carbon neutral means balancing the amount of carbon released to the atmosphere with an equ100% Carbon Neutralal reduction, or “offsetting,” of emissions elsewhere. A common approach to doing so is to first establish a baseline by calculating your emissions, to then reduce those emissions as much as possible through efficiency retrofits and upgrades, and finally to balance your remaining emissions by offsetting. Eagle Wing has been carbon neutral, since 2010! Eagle Wing, Walking the Talk!

  • Because of the threat of global warming from increased CO2 concentrations in the air, we are guided by the precautionary principle. We have offset 100% of our corporate emissions since 2010.
  • 2010 season: we offset 317  tonnes of CO2e
  • 2011 season: we offset 374.49 tonnes of CO2e (equivalent to 100 cars)

When we met the passionate team at Eagle Wing, we were blown away. They have one of the most progressive sustainability programs we have ever witnessed. Not only do they measure, report and offset their emissions, but they treat every tour as an opportunity to create change. “- Zack Simon , Consultant, Synergy

How did we become carbon neutral ?

First we decided to make a difference! Becoming carbon neutral was important because of the impact climate change can have on our oceans. The carbon neutral program is one part of a much more comprehensive that we have developed which also includes our 1% for the Planet membership & contributions.

  • Our carbon footprint is evaluated every year based upon the total amount of carbon that we produced. We hired Dcarbon8 2010 & Synergy in 2011 & 2012, both professional greenhouse gas quantifiers, to perform in depth carbon audits of our company.
  • we then offset our carbon footprint by purchasing carbon ‘offsets’ from the reputable Offsetters and The Carbon Fund (2010, 11, 12). These carbon offsets are financial investments in new technologies that measurably reduce green house gas emissions that would have otherwise occurred.
  • RESULT: a NET ZERO carbon footprint for Eagle Wing Whale & Wild-life watching tours!

What is a Carbon Footprint?

A Carbon Footprint is a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide. A Carbon Footprint is made up of the sum of two parts, the direct and the indirect emissions.

  • A carbon footprint is made up of the sum of three parts: direct, indirect and outsourced emissions
  • Direct emissions of CO2 are caused from the burning of fossil fuels in our vehicles and boats.
  • Indirect emissions are those caused by our electricity often generated by burning fossil fuels in a power plant.  British Columbia is fortunate enough to have hydroelectric power, meaning our electrical emissions are very low.
  • Outsourced emissions are in the “everything else’ category, including paper purchasing, waste disposal, staff commuting,  and business travel and other activities.

The total amount of greenhouse gases produced is usually expressed in equivalent tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2). An individual’s carbon footprint typically consists of driving, flying, and using electricity and natural gas.  calculate your footprint click here.


 REDUCING Our Emissions

  • New Suzuki 4 stroke engine technology is consuming less fuel and no oil.
  • Use environmentally sound Volvo Penta D9 diesel engines (the only diesels endorsed by the European Union).
  • NEW advanced “scarab” and “catamaran” hull design leaves a much smaller wake (wave) to reduce shore erosion and is much more fuel efficient.
  • Green office procedures: reduce, recycle, re-use & re-think, compost, and purchase eco-friendly cleaners.
  • Green boat procedures: run engines less when we can, implement new technologies on boats when available.
  • Our flyers, brochures and business cards are printed on 100% post consumer paper
  • Our gift cards are made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Uniforms are made in Canada and are made with natural bamboo (70%) and organic cotton (30%)
  • Encourage carpooling and other sustainable transport for Eagle Wing visitors
  • Staff bike and walk to work whenever possible!

OFFSETTING Our Emissions

  • We off-set 100% of our company CO2 emissions.
  • Projects we support include:
      • fuel-switching technology (from fossil fuels to renewable alternatives)
      • clean power generation (solar, wind)
      • forest conservation

What can you do to reduce your GHG Footprint?


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